Fábio Maia


I am a generalist software engineer with leadership skills, mostly interested in virtualization, networking, and security.

Prefer remote working (open to travel) and flat hierarchies where I can help develop early-stage startups while solving interesting and challenging problems.



  1. From to I studied at the University of Aveiro where I obtained a BSc in Computer and Telematics Engineering with a strong foundation in HDL digital design, CPU architecture and embedded systems, various object-oriented and functional programming styles, and L2-3 computer networks.
    1. From to I was at the University of Aveiro where I studied various CPU & GPU architectures and some ASIC designs, advanced ISP networking, GNU/Linux userspace development & sysadmin, cryptography techniques, network security.
    2. From to I was at the University of Zagreb through Erasmus exchange where I studied databases and deep neural networks. In December 2020 I defended a MSc thesis about effective use of pre-trained models of convolutional neural networks by means of transfer learning, having developed software for training & cross-validating hundreds of different state-of-the-art CNN models on NVIDIA GPUs.


  1. From to I was a student researcher in Aveiro at CIDMA's Geometrix group where I developed interactive web applications for teaching mathematics to children with ASD.
  2. From to I was a student researcher in Aveiro at IEETA's Bioinformatics group where I explored software for biomedical text processing with the goal of improving performance in chemical entity mention recognition.
  3. Since I am a software engineer in Berlin at Bliq where I